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Our People.

SCE Energy Solutions has a Fantastic team of hard working individuals who are passionate about Energy Efficiency and reducing societies carbon footprint. They each work diligently to help provide our customers with not only the very best Energy Projects and research behind these Projects, but in maintaining excellent customer rapport and customer relationships.

CEO & Managing Director – Jon

Jon De Martin is the CEO and Managing director of SCE Energy solutions. Jon is a Business Sustainability Professional and an Energy Reduction Expert. His expertise comes from over two decades in the building industry as a mechanical engineering and building consultant, completing energy efficient residential and commercial buildings. After 20 years in mechanical engineering, Jon become very passionate about renewable energy and reducing energy wastage and societies carbon footprint. He has since been in the renewable energy industry for over 10 years and has been helping companies reduce their energy wastage all over Australia. Jon has profound knowledge and experience in regard to system installation and system design. His passion and purpose in life is to produce, for companies a “Business Sustainability Programme” that is cash flow positive immediately, that concentrates on waste reduction, and helps heal the environment. He designs a complete energy solution scheme specifically for your company’s energy needs and is involved in your energy reduction project from start to finish.


Marketing and Business Development Manager – Monique

Monique’s position at SCE Energy Solutions is to source the latest energy saving technologies, adapt and market them to Companies and Businesses wanting to make a difference environmentally while reducing their energy usage, associated energy costs and their Carbon Foot Print. This position also includes the development and implementation of a 3-stage sustainable energy strategy within a company on their operations, examining risks and identifying potentials for energy saving technologies. Monique identifies the latest Technology Products by researching industry and related events, publications, and announcements around the world. She also locates potential business deals by contacting prospective partners and exploring opportunities that may be available for both parties to investigate. Monique also oversees the provision of services and ensures SCE offers a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. Monique establishes fantastic customer support and appreciates all SCE’s clients and suppliers. She is passionate about not only building positive and friendly relationships with anyone dealing with SCE but also ensuring the very best communication and production of all aspects of the solar project.


Energy Professor – Phillip

Phillip Lawrence is one of SCE’s top energy advisors. He has been exploring the application of passive energy efficiency since 2004. His interest has particularly been on the international uptake and use of Voltage pollution reduction technologies such as Harmonic rectification and Voltage Stabilisation and Optimisation. Phillip has spoken on energy solutions at many international conferences including Barcelona, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Bali, London, Bangkok and currently lectures at Sydney University. Phillip has a Master’s Degree in Research in Management from the University of Technology Sydney, UTS. This research was exploring the concept of Ecological Modernisation, in particular looking at how industries progressively use less energy. His detailed and thorough advise is an integral part of how SCE provides you with only the BEST energy solution package for your business.


Electrician – Khoa

Khoa and his team of solar electricians are all certified solar specialised in renewable energy applications. Khoa has been in the renewable energy industry for more than 10 years and is passionate about installing high quality solar products and achieving solar projects that are to the uppermost standard.


Lighting and Grant Specialist – Steve

With over 20 years of management experience and the last 7 years in the field of energy efficiency, Steve specialises in lighting upgrades & lighting designs for commercial business’ as well as claiming any possible rebates from various government schemes for the client to reduce their capex costs. Steve’s role in SCE is significant as it assists in giving you a well informed and detailed proposal and one in which see’s you receiving as much out of your energy scheme as you possibly can.

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